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June 25th

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Hmmmmm, posting about Life Lessons.

I was taught to love all people regardless of their skin color or their situation
and to help others and not to be afraid too ask for help.

As it goes, when you are blessed, “Pay It Forward”.

Today, I read a post by one of my favorite blogger, and she was speaking about racism and black lives matter……all I can say is Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Kudos to you Cynthia, you have such a kind spirit…..sending xoxo to you and your beautiful family.


Message below:

Love One Another 😉



love and peace



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13 Things That Make Me Happy




 Thirteen Day – 13 Things That Make Me Happy


  • God/Our Savior Jesus Christ images (2)jesus
  • My Family173
  • When my Daughters have good grades in schoolreprot cards
  • Great Musicjscott blessed
  • Sitcoms – I love comedydownload seifeld
  • 75 Degree Weather75 degrees
  • When the Chicago Bears winbears win
  • Vacationh-vacation
  • My Poodle – Mr. Ceejay 007
  • Crafting – Do It Yourself Projectspink tools
  • Peace/Positivitylove and peace
  • Beautiful Homesbeau homes
  • In my Pharrell voice….. Singing Because I’m Happyhappy



You see,  😄☺️😊 I’m Happy just listing 13 things that makes me happy….. write down 13 things that make you happy and you’ll be smiling too.

Shouts out to Lisa my BIGFAT blog, I enjoy doing this happy thing :).


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Sparkle Sparkle Bling Bling


Sparkle and Shine!!!!

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