Lights, Camera, Action – When you Feel Like A Star

Can I have your Autograph?

That’s what the people were asking me about a week ago, Yes….you see I was invited to do a collaboration YouTube video with the Beautiful Makeup Artist Mrs. Nicole McDade.

Guys, I swear I felt like a Celebrity she was applying the paint like an artist, or has the terms are stated these day ” Beat My Face” LOL!!

I had so much fun doing this video and getting all Dolled up….. I was like a cake waiting for the icing.  SWEET!!!

image  The McDade’s and I in the Studio

So the studio we filmed in was in a “State of the Art” Library located in one of the beautiful suburbs of Illinois, talk about extravagant….I mean, cafes, lounge rooms, elevators, escalators, about six – eight studios with equipment included.  Something for everyone, and all for free.

In one of the studios there were guys recording a rap song/video,  and In another studio there was a group doing radio broadcasting, etc …..Listen, let me tell you, while I was getting my face beat, I happened to look up and noticed in the studio across from us, a  Male/Model was getting his pictures taken by a photographer, next thing you know – shirt comes off, I’m like WHOA!!!,  I tapped my assistant/cousin (shout out to you Meechi) on  her shoulder and  I ask did anyone order a Caramel Sundae or a Six Pack,  she said What? I said look, her mouth flew wide open, then she said “Lawd have Mercy”, LOL….I tell you at that moment Heaven Gates opened and the Angels \O/ \O/  \O/ starting singing Halle-lujah….Halle-lu-jah…I mean Yeah!!!! and one thing for sure peeps, yeah, ” Stella or shall I say Sparkling Char still got her groove”…..LMBO, talking about some eye candy…..aah Yummy, WHEW!!!

Okay, stay focus Girls…back to the CELEBRITY in this post… ME!!!!!! remember…

You talking about Fun!!!! I truly enjoyed making this video…and OMG! Let me not forget to mention Mr. Cornelius McDade the man of production, the man that knows his stuff, the man that was directing and giving pointer….saying “QUIET ON THE SET” ”  RETAKE on SCENE TWO, and he also did the the number thing in “FIVE, FOUR, THREE ,TWO, ONE”…..I’m getting tickled thinking about it.

So after the video was done, we had a little time left in the Studio to take Pics, so I did a Mini Model Shoot, Say What!!!!, all I’m saying is Y’all (“not” You All),  but Y’all….can’t tell me nothing, I’m still on ….☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ Yes, Cloud Nine, and Oh! I did keep my Blouse on… LOL!!!!!



Face getting “BEAT” – #PlusisEqual




I’m Feeling Myself…….                          I’m Feeling Myself………….                     I’m Feelin’ Ma!



My ‘GET IT GIRL” Photo Shoot……Check out those Silver Slippers!!!


imageThe Glitz/Glam Squad – Getting me right….Love it!!!!!!




The “TOO GLAM TOO GIVE A” Photo Shoot…….. What?,  That’s what my Tee Shirt says……


So guys that was my Day of Stardom, image   I can’t wait to do it again.


Special Thank you to the McDade’s…. you guys are Awesome!



Cornelius McDade – Project Mayhem Productions

Nikki McDade         –  Instagram @nikkicocome       YouTube – Mrs Nikki McDade


See you in the next post, which is the VIDEO 😁😄 and have a SPOOKTACULAR weekend GHOULS and GOBBLINS.


Outfit Details: Moto Jacket/Shoes/Purse/Glasses


Sparkle Sparkle Bling Bling

Sparkle and Shine!!!!

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Goals for the Next 5 Months/Fav Outfit of Month

  bedjJune 27th/June 28thblog2

June 27, BEDJ

My goals for the next five months are to






Yep those 5 goals are perfect for me…….

What are your goals?

June 28,  BEDJ


  Favorite  Outfit of The Month

     Time toIMG_1847Girl on the Go !!!



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Outfit Of The Day

Today is Saturday, so I started the weekend routine with my little Buddy, Mr. Ceejay.  image

He is so mad, He don’t like the Mohawk Cut!!!!!!







Back to the OOTD.  image




Bardot Blouse (here)

Black Capri Pants (similar)

Blue Jean Vest (here)

Accessories (here)

Women Nike ROSHE RUN (here)

Snapback Hustle Cap (here)


Just me.  image



See ya tomorrow for (l👀k) in the PURPLE box….LOL !!!!! blog2 that’s right! Silent Sunday😑😷😶



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Thought I Forgot About 11 and 12


June Eleven and Twelve BEDJ 

Hey Sparklers, bet you thought I forgot to do the challenge for June 11th, NOT!  (smile) I was so busy getting ready for a Baby Shower this weekend, preparing a Diaper Cake, I can’t wait to show the finished item….. Pics coming soon!

So I’ve decided to combine both the What’s in my Bag and The OOTD  together.

First off my BAG, omg!!!!! I need a new purse, my so call diamonds are popping off, dang it, but I love this purse so much. I can put so much inside of it, my iPad, Sunglasses, Phone, makeup bag, including, although not showing a pair of flip flops, etc. yep……all those goodies and more.





Okay for the OOTD,      image  remember my wish list, I ordered the Screw Perfection Tank Top here and a pair of boyfriend jeans from Torrid and the studded heels which I have to send back because there too wide, sad face :(.

Okay back tomorrow with another adventure.



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Blogroll my Favorite Bloggers

Day 5 – BLOGROLL FAVORITES      bedj   blog2



GarnerStyleChasity Valentine  DSC_1509


Chasity of GarnerStyle is the reason Plus Size Clothing came into Target…. She kick down the Door for Plus Size Divas to shop at Target. Check out her new Blogger Reality TV series Garnerstyle&Co.  Kudos to you Chasity.


image    PlusSizeandProudSarah

PlusSizeandProud has given me inspiration to wear my clothing, and not let the clothing wear me. She looks beautiful in this Bodycon…..  You Go Girl !!!!!!!


Flightofthefatgirl – Cynthia FlightOfTheFatGirl (Cynthia) image

I adore Flightofthefatgirl, I started followings Cynthia on Instagram…. She is truly an inspiration,  definitely gives you the “I Am Woman – Hear Me Roar” and for Fashion….                                                      Can you say  F I E R C E !!!   F A B U L O U S !!! and F L A W L E S S !!!


image      CurvyChicLogo_Medium  EverythingCurvyandChicChante’

Although I’ve never met Chante’, I call her my little sister, she is so adorable and very funny, I follow her on IG and snap chat, talk about keep me laughing, and she definitely “Keeps It Real”


Trendy Curvy

Trendy curvy    Trendy Curvy – Kristine

I must say I love Trendy Curvy Style, her Outfits are always on Point!!!!!  I Copy Cat this outfit myself.  Thanks Kristine you always giving inspiration.



Naturally Fashionable Kim  image


I am a new Blogger and I must say Kim, is the Teacher of all Teachers. I have learned so much about blogging from her Bloggers Boot Camp” Course, and what’s so amazing about Kim is that she was so selfless, she  did a one on one with each student, whether Email or Face Time she reached out to help. “What an Amazing Woman”  xoxo to you Naturally Fashionable.


And Guess what Sparklers, I’m Blogrolling myself, yep, that’s right !!!!!, I Love doing this Blog stuff…LOL!!!!

268   PhabulouslySparkling@50 – Sparkle


Yes I’m over 50 years old and loving the skin I’m in. I should have started this years ago…..duh?


Thank you Ladies for reaching out and empowering not only Plus size Women, but all Women. Continue to be “Phabulous & Sparkle”

See ya tomorrow – Favorite Nail Products

Sparkle and Shine!!!!

Let your Lips Speak!!!

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DAY 4 – WISHLIST – Blog everyday in June



My WISHLIST is so (Loooooong) for Yours and Torrid,

That it would take me lifetime to buy each item…

First up ⇓

YOURS CLOTHING                                                                         

Black & White Color Block Wide Stripe Skater Skirt

Black & White Colour Block Wide Stripe Skater Skirt

Black ‘#CELFIE’ Short Sleeve Dip  TeeBlack '#CELFIE' Short Sleeve Dip Back Tee
Silver, Clear, & Pearl 5 Piece Stretchy Bead Bracelet PackSilver, Clear, & Pearl 5 Piece Stretchy Bead Bracelet Pack

Black, White & Mesh Stripe Skater Dress

Black, White & Mesh Stripe Skater Dress

Pink & Multi Coloured Floral Cold Shoulder Swing Dress

Pink & Multi Coloured Floral Cold Shoulder Swing Dress

Now for Torrid……


   Tripp Clock Print Dress
           Tie-Dye Drape Hi-Lo Tank Top
   Screw Perfection Tank Top
   Studded T-Strap Heels (Wide Width)    


                                                    BUT I ADDED A SPLASH OF PINK!!!!!!

So these are just a few items on my WishList, As soon as I purchase an item I’ll do a OOTD, so exciting….LOL

 See Ya Tomorrow – I’m posting my Favorite Bloggers blog2

Sparkle and Shine!!!!

Let your Lips Speak!!!

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Day Two = OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

Hey Sparklers, My OOTD was based upon me being comfy, so I put together a Tee Shirt (shouts out to girlonthegowithafro) I love this Tee, a pair of black leggings, my favorite Moto Jacket, 3″ heels very comfortable  and a Straw Handbag, Grabbed my truck keys, Bling Phone case and my sunglasses and was blowing kisses to the wind. 💋💋💋

, image  image

I was definitely   “a Girl On The Go With Fro”

Sparkle and Shine!!!!

Let your Lips Speak!!!

Sparkle Sparkle Bling Bling

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