All the Leaves Are Brown And The Sky is Gray


Hey  Everyone Heyyyyy,

Come on in and enjoy the music musicsinging all the “Leaves are Brown, (chorus) all the leaves are brown and the Sky is Gray, (chorus)  and the sky is gray”….California… Dreamin’, shout out to “The Mamas and The Papas” for a great song.

I know some of you are saying “The Mamas and The Papas”, Wait, What? Who?, I know you’re probably thinking, WOW! she is definitely telling her age, AHHH NOT!!!!, this singing Group was well before my time, Thank you very much!!!! hahaha,  and I’m just a person who loves all genre of music from all eras and this great song is perfect for the Fall season which is, upon us.  😉

So I’m singing this tune today because I’m feeling very nostalgic, just looking at the sky which is gray and also noticing all the leaves have fallen from the trees. Yes, people…. It’s officially Fall…. and no more warm weather.



The leaves may be brown…. but  in my mind I’m clinging onto the warm weather, and wearing this Dress (see below) keeps me thinking of summer with this beautiful white Hibiscus floral print all over it, and if, you can remember this dress is similar to one of the dresses on my wish list back in June, Pink & Multi Coloured Floral Cold Shoulder Swing Dress    (Wishlist Here)

Yes, I held out and was able to buy this dress about 3-4 weeks ago and at the cha ching!  price of $18.00 from Yours Clothing, you guys know I love the cha ching sound…. Yes 30-50% off  –  great buy, I know right!


So let’s FALL into my FASHION…..


Looking Down At The Leaves…..



Jeez!!!! Leaves In Every Direction!



Okay Forget The Leaves…Gorgeous Purse Though!!!

image   image


And of course, my favorite Moto  Jacket… yes I do repeat my clothing, I have no choice – I have Twin Teenage Daughters who ALWAYS, ALWAYS  I repeat need my coins…LOL!!!!



Wearing Shades….Praying  For The Sun To Shine Through The Gray Clouds


Yeah, so I know, I’m NOT looking forward to the next four months of  cold weather, so I’ll continue playing music or being a disc jockey, dreaming of nothing but a Blue Sky, Seventy Degree Weather and Palm Trees to keep me going until Spring has sprung again.  Next song selection – Summertime by: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (aka – Will Smith).


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mams                    summertime

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