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Whatever, you want to call the little tube that throws colors on your lip, Go For It!images



Today’s post is showing my Favorite Summer Lipsticks/Lipglosses, of course I’m starting off with Jordana Cosmetics

Matte Lipstick     172       Lip out Loud( LOL) Lipgloss 112     beautiful colors and price just right $2.99


Marykay now this color I have been wearing for years I love Sparkle Berrymary-kay-nourishine-plus-lip-gloss-berry-dazzle-h$15.00 makes lip feel silky smooth.



Another Lippie  I like to buy is Wet and Wild Megalast Lipcolor…. I recently purchased these Lipsticks from my local Walgreens on sale for

$1.89   another bargain lipstick that holds a lasting color.




And let me not forget Covergirl   imageimage Yessss Darlings ……



Well those are my Faves for the Summer, What yours?


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Sparkle and Shine!!!!

Let your Lips Speak!!!




Makeup Must Haves 💋💋💄💄👄👄



Hello Sparklers

Day 3 – Make up Must Haves

If I Don’t Have Anything Else …I Got to have TWO Things with me at all times,
Mascara and Lipstick


Sometimes I’m running behind schedule and not able to put on foundation and eye shadow, that’s when I dig deep in my purse and pull out my Mascara, put 1-2 coat on your lashes and like magic gives you the look of beauty!!!!!!


Younique Mascara


image         image

CoverGirl    – Enchantress Blush 365

Lipstick give me color, brighten up my smile and works has a lip balm as well.


So those are my makeup must haves. What’s your?

Sparkle and Shine!!!!

Let your Lips Speak!!!

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