Outfit Of The Day

Today is Saturday, so I started the weekend routine with my little Buddy, Mr. Ceejay.  image

He is so mad, He don’t like the Mohawk Cut!!!!!!







Back to the OOTD.  image




Bardot Blouse (here)

Black Capri Pants (similar)

Blue Jean Vest (here)

Accessories (here)

Women Nike ROSHE RUN (here)

Snapback Hustle Cap (here)


Just me.  image



See ya tomorrow for (l👀k) in the PURPLE box….LOL !!!!! blog2 that’s right! Silent Sunday😑😷😶



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A Letter To My Wobbly Bits





Today’s Blog posting is to write  A Letter To Your Wobbly Bits. 

Well let me start off by saying Hello to my BIG ARMS…….. OMG!!!, I really fight myself about my arms.

I’m always trying to cover them up some type of way, if you can remember, I posted about my arms back in April, speaking about how self conscious I am about my arms and how I am always trying to find a Blouse with sleeves to cover them up.


Well guess what, that stopped about  3 weeks ago, I was reading a blog  itsmisstiddlechubbyworld on tumblr. I was intrigued by her post,  she was speaking about freeing your arms, and she was joining a movement call #chubbyarmsbefree.

Then a few days later , Tess Holiday on the cover of PEOPLE magazine showing her beautiful arms (Tatted) up, #effyourbeautystandards

tess           tumblr_nopoyk284G1qj6wguo1_1280 you go TESS!!!!

So after reading itsmisstiddlechubbyworld post and  seeing Tess Holiday on People,  I asked myself  why do you hate your arms, that’s crazy, my arms are my arms,  I decided to join the #chubbyarmsbefree movement, to embrace my arms, to hug these BIG ARMS, yes I’m hugging and loving my BIG ARMS, I will stand proud…. BIG ARMS and all, and they (my BIG ARMS) will jiggle every time I clap, jump or run.

RUN, did I say RUN…….. yeah right, okay a girl can dream, can’t she….. 😉


No more wobbly bits for me, I’m shouting #chubbyarmsbefree….No more wobbly bits for my BIG ARMS, I’m SHOUTING #chubbyarmsbefree!!!!!


Yes thanks to misstiddle who posted about the #chubbyarmsbefree movement,  I’m proud to say heres my oath: “I do solemnly swear to accept these arms that are attached to my body and to wear any Top/Blouse I love with NO SLEEVES.

(Look out below BIG ARMS  armout  – styling and profiling in my Screw Perfection Tank Top!!!!!).



Screw Perfection Tank Top – #chubbyarmsbefree



This Smiley face is loving her BIG ARMS




Yep that’s my wobbly bits, okay of course I have one more, but I’m screaming leave my THIGHS out of this one……ROTFL!!!!!!!


Have a good night Sparklers.



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Throwback Thursday – FLASHBACK FRIDAY



Throwback Thursday/Flashback Friday.


This post was to be done Yesterday, which of course, was Thursday and as you can see I’m late posting, so I’m going to piggyback on Throwback Thursday and add Flashback Friday. I know, I know I’m not following direction, shame on me…. Lol !!!

So this pic is of the Twins and I, they were 4 years old at the time.




They look so adorable….. My Baby Girls!!!!!

So keep in mind, whether Throwback or Flashback, they are MEMORIES….. xoxo


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5 Favorite Apps



June Seventeen



Apps, Apps, and MORE Apps.



App One  is “WAZE   imageGPS, I definitely use, and is the most important to me….. When I say  I need to know where I’m going, I mean it, Don’t want to take the “Wrong Turn” speaking of “Wrong Turn” have you have watch those SCARY movies? it’s about 5 of them…..gives me Goose Bumps, just thinking about it, so yeah, GPS.

App Two  is from “Michael’s Craft Store”    image, gotta have it if I want to save money…you guys know my wallet love to save and hear the sound….”Cha Ching”

App ThreeI Heart Radio”    imageyeah, sometimes I want to be my own Disc Jockey.  I love R&B, and guess what? I do have a little bit of country and rock and roll in me, LOL !!!!

App Four “RetailMeNot”    imageanother coupon app, this apps lets you know about savings, whatever store your near and there’s a sale going on, your phone sends an instant message chime…I love it, sometime it’s chiming off the hook, another “Cha Ching” moment.

Last but not least App FiveCandy Crush Soda Saga”    imagecan you say addicted…..I Love this game, those Bears are so adorable.



Well those are my Five Apps, I know there are MORE GREAT APPS out there in the  “App World” …..I usually check one out every other week.



HAPPY    “APPING”     Sparklers



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Mid Month Lusting List


 Junebedj 16th blog2


Okay I’m back for the BEDJ….. Sparklers are you still with me? I hope so.


Today’s post is about Mid Month Lusting List, OMG, get your mind out the gutter (hahaha) … Accessories that I Lust after which I have listed below.


Of course, I have to save, save, and save for these  Sparkly Gems:



Marc Jacob Sunglasses     here


Kate Spade Clutch Purse here      ks3kate spade2  This Clutch is Everything!!!!  

                                                                                                               I need you in my LIFE !!!!



Kate Spade 2016 Planner here



Well, it was fun Mid Month Lusting after these items, now back to reality, of course, I will definitely purchase at least one of these items with no problem, you guessed it! the Kate Spade 2016 Planner.


Have a good evening.


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Day Fifteen of bedj


Well, “A Day in My Life“, I wanted to video tape and take you along with me, but my phone 📱died….BUMMER and I didn’t have the phone charger with me.

So I’ll just write down what happened…..

Day started off going to work, stopping to get Coffee, but of course, the line was too long in the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts  cup, and of course, on a Monday I don’t feel like getting out of my vehicle to walk in, so I skipped that.

I’m at work dragging, dragging and dragging, oh by the way, it’s ☔️ raining 🐱🐱s and 🐶🐶s in Illinois with a lot of humidity.

At work time still dragging, OMG!!! you know for some reason I always want to leave between ⏰ 1:00pm and 1:30pm, I don’t know what’s up with that, because I can’t leave until 4:00pm

So it’s finally 4:00pm , so far, traffic  🚗🚕🚙 is moving pretty good and I make it home to pick up the twins 👧👧were going to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things, only one twin  👧 comes out, the other one refuses to leave her bed…..  👧😴😴LAAAAAZZZZZZZYYYYYY!!!!!, so we get to Wal-Mart and the rain just kept coming down harder and harder….so we’re sitting in the car waiting for the rain to slow down, still waiting 30 minutes later, of course you’re wondering, why are they still sitting in the car, why aren’t they going in the store?….NO UMBRELLA ☔️☔️, how crazy/stupid is that? Very, LOL!!!!!, anyway, didn’t go in the store just went home.




Go HAWKS!!!!!!!  image



We are the CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!! image



blog2 Next up Mid Month Lust List….what is this about? Gotta go look this one up, LOL!!!!


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My Favorite Pic and Why

June 14thbedj

Today’s challenge is post a FAVORITE PIC of yourself and WHY?…


This Favorite Picture was taken about 15 years ago, WHY is it my favorite?


Because it was taken two weeks after I had given birth to my Twin Daughters and I didn’t know what I was going to look like after 8 months and  19 days of carrying Two Babies in my Tummy….LBVS (Laughing But Very Serious)


19533_107165039295359_3833796_n I Love this Picture ❤ ❤ ❤


Okay that my Favorite Pic of myself…lets see what tomorrow brings on the challenge of BEDJ  blog2


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13 Things That Make Me Happy




 Thirteen Day – 13 Things That Make Me Happy


  • God/Our Savior Jesus Christ images (2)jesus
  • My Family173
  • When my Daughters have good grades in schoolreprot cards
  • Great Musicjscott blessed
  • Sitcoms – I love comedydownload seifeld
  • 75 Degree Weather75 degrees
  • When the Chicago Bears winbears win
  • Vacationh-vacation
  • My Poodle – Mr. Ceejay 007
  • Crafting – Do It Yourself Projectspink tools
  • Peace/Positivitylove and peace
  • Beautiful Homesbeau homes
  • In my Pharrell voice….. Singing Because I’m Happyhappy



You see,  😄☺️😊 I’m Happy just listing 13 things that makes me happy….. write down 13 things that make you happy and you’ll be smiling too.

Shouts out to Lisa my BIGFAT blog, I enjoy doing this happy thing :).


Up next blog2 My favorite Pic of myself


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Thought I Forgot About 11 and 12


June Eleven and Twelve BEDJ 

Hey Sparklers, bet you thought I forgot to do the challenge for June 11th, NOT!  (smile) I was so busy getting ready for a Baby Shower this weekend, preparing a Diaper Cake, I can’t wait to show the finished item….. Pics coming soon!

So I’ve decided to combine both the What’s in my Bag and The OOTD  together.

First off my BAG, omg!!!!! I need a new purse, my so call diamonds are popping off, dang it, but I love this purse so much. I can put so much inside of it, my iPad, Sunglasses, Phone, makeup bag, including, although not showing a pair of flip flops, etc. yep……all those goodies and more.





Okay for the OOTD,      image  remember my wish list, I ordered the Screw Perfection Tank Top here and a pair of boyfriend jeans from Torrid and the studded heels which I have to send back because there too wide, sad face :(.

Okay back tomorrow with another adventure.



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Five Beauty Secrets

bedj          June Tenth


5 Beauty Secrets……Beauty Secrets?….Beauty Secrets?…..hmmmm……I’m Thinking……Thinking…, Oh okay, I have one, but I don’t know if it’s a secret, but hear you go

I use the following items 




My Facial Cleaning Regiment:


Clean face with Alcohol using cotton ball, I know your skin feels somewhat tight and dry, not too fret…..after cleaning, lather up with the Dove               Beauty Bar, see its a deep moisturizing cream, massage into face using your hands, going in a circular motion around your entire face, you know             how to do that, Yes! that’s it, now rinse, and pat dry with a white wash cloth and your face should feel Phabulously soft and Sparkling clean.

You know the Alcohol cleans the dirt out of your pores and the Dove moisturizes…..Works for me!!!!!

I listed below the different Dove Beauty Bars that are available, I think I’m going to switch up and try the Shea Butter Bar and the Pistachio Bar.

The other FOUR secrets I have, well they are not really secrets, there make-up tips, from the healtymom.me/32make-uptips.com, I posted these            tips  back on April 19, 2015.  Like I stated there are a few of the tips that I like and have tried.


  • Tip #7    Getting Lipstick Ready   32-Makeup-Tips-That-Nobody-Told-You-About-lipstick-ready  Exfoliate the Lips


  • Tip#11    Making Eye Shadow Pop32-Makeup-Tips-That-Nobody-Told-You-About-eyeshadow-pop White Eyeliner


  • Tip#12    The False Eyelash Look32-Makeup-Tips-That-Nobody-Told-You-About-eyelash-look small blending brush over your compact

or baby powder and apply to top and bottom of the lash.


  •  Tip#29    Make it Last32-Makeup-Tips-That-Nobody-Told-You-About-make-it-last Apply Lipstick

then put tissue over lips, apply a small amount of powder and bingo, last all day, the Matte Look.


Thanks Healthymom.com for sharing all these great tips


Well those all the Secrets/Tips I have for you today Sparklers, I have to go get ready for what’s next on the list, let’s see, okay…. “What’s in your Bag” blog2I’m going to love this challenge, gives me chance to clean out the Purse, 😉




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