My Almost Griswold’s Christmas 2015

This Holiday Season Has been So Much Fun…


I really loved decorating for Christmas, you can say I’m a member of the Griswold’s, I have lights everywhere and inside my home it looks like the North Pole exploded, hahaha.

Have you guys ever seen the Griswold’s Christmas? one of the funniest Christmas movies ever, one of the favorite scenes in the movie happened to me while putting the lights up, yes, finishing all the lights and not a light working, I got so frustrated because I’m thinking that one of the bulbs had to be blown out and I was not about to go through checking bulb by bulb to find out which one was not working so, I went to buy some new lights. When getting ready to take down the lights to replace with the new ones, I noticed that I had never plugged in the cord,…I’m like what the (H-E-(Double Hockey Sticks ) L L!!!) SMH, another favorite part is when the squirrel jumps out of the Christmas Tree and everyone in the house (it’s about 20-30 family members) screaming and running from the squirrel, and not to mention the squirrel is running behind them as well, because he thinks something is chasing him too,…LOL!!!! LOL!!!! LOL!!!, whew…I get too tickled every time I see this movie.

So, below are some of the things that I loved for Christmas 2015….



I so love the “Merry Little Latte Mug….Latte’s twice a day, can you say DELICIOUS!!!!!

During the holidays, I like to drive around and gaze at all the beautiful decorations, You know it saddens me that people don’t decorate like they use to, Do they not have the Holiday Spirit anymore? Maybe next Christmas people all over the world should say this “The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear” remember it worked in the movie (elf)….smile.

When I see Christmas Trees and Lights I get very excited, they’re just beautiful, the lights alone is good enough for me, What about you?


How beautiful is this ↓


This is one of the  Christmas Trees that I thought was decorated so pretty and look at the mailbox next to it, which is labeled  “Santa Mail Only“, how cute!!! I’m sure the Children love this one too, sending letters to Santa.

I was also excited that one of the twins, decided to even put a small four-foot tree in her bedroom and she also decorated her bedroom door….turned out very cute, however, I think she could have put a little more effort in her decor. Check out the “OH OH OH” ribbon, yes, it’s upside down!!! LMBO!!!



What fun did you have? Did you do the family thing with matching pajamas, Were you baking Christmas cookies or watching your favorite Christmas movie? Whichever it was, I hope you enjoyed the holidays.


My Outfit of the Day….


Wishing all,

Faith, Peace and love in Jesus Name



Sparkle and Shine!!!!

Let your Lips Speak!!!

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