The Twelve Drinks of Christmas

Hey  Hey, Merry Holidays    garland


How is everyone doing? Did you start your holiday shopping yet? or are you a procrastinator? waiting until the last minutes.

I’m trying to do a little better this year, as far as, holiday shopping, if I’m in a store, to try and buy at least one gift to take off my shopping list.


So while out yesterday, I had stopped by the local Walgreens and was just looking around and “lo and behold” I saw this Welch’s Pina Colada Sparkling Juice,sparkling_pinacolada_210x356 of course, Mocktail style, (a gift for myself) but that’s okay, I’ll change that mocktail into a cocktail style for New Years Eve, you know what I mean…..LOL!!!

So with that being said, I research and found several holiday mocktails and cocktails that would be great for  any party that you’re having for the Holidays or for just relaxing after you come from the hustle and bustle at the shopping malls/centers.


Just the pictures alone got me ready to bring out the blender and the shaker and get to MIXING!!!!!

(scroll over pic for source to recipes)








The Feature Drink is:

Jackie Forst - source: verikeri - youtube

Jackie Frost Cocktail



Jackie Frost Cocktail – Source: youtube channel Veri Keri – Awesome Channel!!!  I added a Link below for preparing this beauty of a drink, she has other cocktails and mocktails included that I’m sure you will love. (click here for Jackie Frost Preparation)


So those are my six cocktails and six mocktails for the holiday season, what’s your favs?….leave a comment of the drinks you’re making this holiday season…thanks for stopping by!

You may also like the other flavors: Welch Holiday Sparkling


and remember… PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY!!!!!!



Sparkle and Shine!!!!

Let your Lips Speak!!!

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