OMG…. The First Snow Fall….I can’t…..SMH!!!!

Winter doesn’t go into full effect until like December 21st … This SNOW and COLD weather has got me “STRESSED The F**K OUT“…sorry for the french…(no pun intended) I just can’t deal with this wild weather.

Of course, as a kid I couldn’t wait for it to start snowing, so I could go play in the snow, go sledding, or making a snowman and throwing snow balls.. but the snow in this day and age or shall  I say generation, has a mind of its own, don’t you agree?

I mean for the last three Winters here in Illinois it has been like the ice age, I swear last winter it was freezing cold, people were going around saying who made ELSA mad? You guys know her “The Frozen Queen” elsa.. 😂😂😂😂 and it was so cold the word “Vortex” was being used just about everyday, Schools, Businesses and Roads were shut down for days at a time, because of  the continuous severe weather.


Lake Shore Drive Shut Down…People had to be rescued from their vehicles.


These are the Type Of Winters We Have….Stuck In The Snow!


This snow has got me so crazy, I’m thinking about relocating to a warmer climate.

I remember my grandparents used to say to me (“snow is magic…it comes from the North Pole”) yea… okay, whatever,… snow is magic right?, well snow, show me and disappear….😄😄😄.


Don’t get me wrong, the snow is beautiful, you get to wear your fabulous winter fashions, (coats, hats, boots, etc)…. you get to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows, go skiing and sit by the fireplace, but it’s too soon to be inside a snow globe, I’m thinking let the snow fall on December 25th so it can be a White Christmas and then the snow can melt on December 26th, (lbvs).



The Kids are even sick of the snow… They didn’t finish Frosty… No Hat, Face or Arms…. Lol!!!!





Snow on the Trees!!!!




No more sitting and relaxing on the Bench…..SMH





No more Picnics in the Park…Bummer!





Thank goodness the “Support our Throops” sign didn’t get covered by the SNOW





Yes people, I know I may need a therapist for this Snow Phobia of mines, but I’m sure, I’m not the only one…. right my fellow Illinoisans?

I will agree with one thing, The snow is beautiful only when it falls, but to accumulate…..no thanks! and Elsa, as for you, I think your beautiful too, but STAY THE HELL AWAY!!!


Thanks for reading my vent or listening too me rant….


Sparkle Sparkle Bling Bling

Let your Lips Speaks!!!!

Let your Lips Speaks!!!!


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