5 Favorite Apps



June Seventeen



Apps, Apps, and MORE Apps.



App One  is “WAZE   imageGPS, I definitely use, and is the most important to me….. When I say  I need to know where I’m going, I mean it, Don’t want to take the “Wrong Turn” speaking of “Wrong Turn” have you have watch those SCARY movies? it’s about 5 of them…..gives me Goose Bumps, just thinking about it, so yeah, GPS.

App Two  is from “Michael’s Craft Store”    image, gotta have it if I want to save money…you guys know my wallet love to save and hear the sound….”Cha Ching”

App ThreeI Heart Radio”    imageyeah, sometimes I want to be my own Disc Jockey.  I love R&B, and guess what? I do have a little bit of country and rock and roll in me, LOL !!!!

App Four “RetailMeNot”    imageanother coupon app, this apps lets you know about savings, whatever store your near and there’s a sale going on, your phone sends an instant message chime…I love it, sometime it’s chiming off the hook, another “Cha Ching” moment.

Last but not least App FiveCandy Crush Soda Saga”    imagecan you say addicted…..I Love this game, those Bears are so adorable.



Well those are my Five Apps, I know there are MORE GREAT APPS out there in the  “App World” …..I usually check one out every other week.



HAPPY    “APPING”     Sparklers



Sparkle Sparkle Bling Bling

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Sparkle and Shine!!!!

Let your Lips Speak!!!

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