Five Beauty Secrets

bedj          June Tenth


5 Beauty Secrets……Beauty Secrets?….Beauty Secrets?…..hmmmm……I’m Thinking……Thinking…, Oh okay, I have one, but I don’t know if it’s a secret, but hear you go

I use the following items 




My Facial Cleaning Regiment:


Clean face with Alcohol using cotton ball, I know your skin feels somewhat tight and dry, not too fret…..after cleaning, lather up with the Dove               Beauty Bar, see its a deep moisturizing cream, massage into face using your hands, going in a circular motion around your entire face, you know             how to do that, Yes! that’s it, now rinse, and pat dry with a white wash cloth and your face should feel Phabulously soft and Sparkling clean.

You know the Alcohol cleans the dirt out of your pores and the Dove moisturizes…..Works for me!!!!!

I listed below the different Dove Beauty Bars that are available, I think I’m going to switch up and try the Shea Butter Bar and the Pistachio Bar.

The other FOUR secrets I have, well they are not really secrets, there make-up tips, from the, I posted these            tips  back on April 19, 2015.  Like I stated there are a few of the tips that I like and have tried.


  • Tip #7    Getting Lipstick Ready   32-Makeup-Tips-That-Nobody-Told-You-About-lipstick-ready  Exfoliate the Lips


  • Tip#11    Making Eye Shadow Pop32-Makeup-Tips-That-Nobody-Told-You-About-eyeshadow-pop White Eyeliner


  • Tip#12    The False Eyelash Look32-Makeup-Tips-That-Nobody-Told-You-About-eyelash-look small blending brush over your compact

or baby powder and apply to top and bottom of the lash.


  •  Tip#29    Make it Last32-Makeup-Tips-That-Nobody-Told-You-About-make-it-last Apply Lipstick

then put tissue over lips, apply a small amount of powder and bingo, last all day, the Matte Look.


Thanks for sharing all these great tips


Well those all the Secrets/Tips I have for you today Sparklers, I have to go get ready for what’s next on the list, let’s see, okay…. “What’s in your Bag” blog2I’m going to love this challenge, gives me chance to clean out the Purse, 😉




Sparkle Sparkle Bling Bling

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Let your Lips Speaks!!!!

Let your Lips Speaks!!!!




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