Make-up Tips

I stumbled upon this article and thought this will be helpful to you…. I know these tips has helped me…Yes “32 Make-up Tips You Might Not Know”.

Tips on everything from Eye Shadows and Mascara, to Foundations and Lipsticks, etc…

Tips…Tips…and more Tips!!!!!!

My Favorites are:

#3 Scotch Tape Eye Stencil, #6 How to fix Clumpy Mascara, #11 Make Eye Shadows Pop, #15 The Perfect Match, #17 Secret Eye Lift, #25 Wash and save your wands, #26 Clump Free Lashes, #29 Make it Last, #30 False Lash 101 and #32 When to Toss it Out

I am positive this will make your Make-up look “Phabulous and Sparkling”makeup_tips

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